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This is a list of current Paradise Renal Denervation System Clinical Trial programs. Institution and study doctor contact information will be added to a list below as sites are added to the trial. Please check back frequently to find out which institutions near you may be participating in this important study program.

United States  Europe



C.H.U de Rennes – Hôpital Pontchaillou
Rennes, France, 35033
Contact: Caroline Dourmap, MD
Principal Investigator: Caroline Dourmap, MD

Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou
Paris, France, 75015
Contact: Michel Azizi, MD
Principal Investigator: Michel Azizi, MD, PhD
Sub-Investigator: Marc Sapoval, MD, PhD

Hôpital de La Croix-Rousse
Lyon, France, 69004
Contact: Pierre Lantelme, MD, PhD 
Principal Investigator: Pierre Lantelme, MD, PhD
Sub-Investigator: Constance Berge, MD
Sub Investigator: Pierre-Yves Courand, MD

Hôpital Saint-André – CHU Bordeaux
Bordeaux, France, 33000
Contact: Philippe Gosse, MD
Principal Investigator: Philippe Gosse, MD



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Leipzig Heart Center
Leipzig, Germany, 04289
Contact: Philipp Lurz, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator: Philipp Lurz, MD, PhD

University Clinic Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf, Germany, 40225
Contact: Lars C Rump, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator: Lars C Rump, MD, PhD

University Clinic Erlangen
Erlangen, Germany, 91054
Contact: Roland Schmieder, MD, PhD
Principal Investigator: Roland Schmieder, MD, PhD

University Clinic Saarland
Homburg, Germany, 66421
Contact: Felix Mahfoud, MD
Principal Investigator: Felix Mahfoud, MD



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Erasmus Medical Center
Rotterdam, Netherlands, 3015 CE
Contact: Arno H Ruiter
Principal Investigator: Joost Daemen, MD, PhD
Sub-Investigator: Anton van den Meiracker, MD, PhD

Maastricht University Hospital
Maastricht, Netherlands, 6229 HX
Contact: Abraham A Kroon, MD, PhD 
Principal Investigator: Abraham A Kroon, MD, PhD

University Medical Center Utrecht
Utrecht, Netherlands, 3584 CX
Contact: Peter J Blankestijn, MD
Principal Investigator: Peter J Blankestijn, MD

United Kingdom

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Conquest Hospital – Hastings
East Sussex, England, United Kingdom, TN37 7RD
Contact: Robert Gerber, MD
Principal Investigator: Robert Gerber, MD

The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre – Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals
Basildon, England, United Kingdom
0044 (0)1268 524900
Principal Investigator: Jeremy Sayer, MD
Sub-Investigator: Sudha Iyer, MD
Sub Investigator: Nicholas Robinson, MD
Sub Investigator: Thomas Keeble, MD

Imperial College London, Hammersmith Hospital
London, England, United Kingdom, SW7 2AZ
0044 207 594 9833
Principal Investigator: Justin Davies, MD, PhD
Sub-Investigator: Darrel Francis, MD, PhD
Sub-Investigator: Neil Chapman, MD, PhD

Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom, BH7 7DW
Principal Investigator: Terry Levy, MD
Sub-Investigator: David Beckett, MD
Sub-Investigator: Clare Bent, MD
Sub-Investigator: Richard Bala, MD
Sub-Investigator: Amit Patel, MD

Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital (Wonford)
Exeter, England, United Kingdom, EX2 5DW
Contact: Christine Anning
Principal Investigator: Andrew Sharp, MD
Sub-Investigator: Hibba Kurdi, MD
Sub-Investigator: Richard J. D’Souza, MD
Sub-Investigator: Uwadiegwu W. Okoroafor, MD
Sub-Investigator: Anthony Watkinson, MD, PhD

St. Bartholomew’s Hospital
London, England, United Kingdom, EC1A 7BE
Contact: Manish Saxena, MD
Principal Investigator: Melvin Lobo, MD
Sub-Investigator: Manish Saxena, MD
Sub-Investigator: David J. Collier, MD
Sub-Investigator: Ajay K. Jain, MD
Sub-Investigator: Mathur Anthony, MD