The Paradise Technology

The ReCor Percutaneous Renal Denervation System (PARADISE®) has two main components
Through a proprietary algorithm, these components work together to allow for a safe, uniform, and quick procedure:

PARADISE® Catheter

6 French ultrasound energy delivery catheter

The PARADISE™ catheter
  • As tissue contact is not required to deliver energy, this eliminates the need for catheter manipulation, thereby improving consistency of treatment
  • Self-centering tip allows for uniform energy delivery in every treatment site
  • Fluid-filled low pressure balloon cools the endothelium during energy delivery thereby minimizing damage to non-target tissues

PARADISE® Generator

Automated, portable customized generator.

The PARADISE™ Generator
  • Controls pressure in balloon during automated inflation and deflation processes
  • Manages precise energy delivery
  • Built-in mechanisms maximize safety for the patient during the procedure