Investigator Sponsored Research & GRants

Thank you for your interest in Recor’s Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR) and Educational Grants Program. 

Recor is proud to support independent research and educational or charitable opportunities that attempt to promote the delivery of medical education to healthcare professionals, development of product or service innovations, exploration of independent medical research studies, and the furtherance of patient advocacy efforts around the world.

Recor primarily offers the following support under these programs: 
    1. Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR) funding.
    2. Educational Grant funding for Continuing Medical Education (CME & Non-CME) programs or Charitable Donations for worthy causes.
Investigator Sponsored Research 

We offer funding for independent research in which the investigator, as the study sponsor, will be responsible for study design, implementation, analysis, and dissemination in accordance with applicable regulations. Recor may offer financial and/or material support. 


When considering applications for support, Recor’s ISR Review Committee evaluates the expertise of the principal investigator and their experience in the relevant area, including experience conducting clinical trials. Recor may offer feedback on the proposal submitted although all aspects of the study are ultimately at the discretion of the study sponsor. Please note, this is a multi-step review process. Initial submission will require a study proposal and a high-level budget for review. Once this submission is evaluated, we will request a detailed protocol and detailed budget for final approval.

Educational Grants & Charitable Donations

We also offer Grants for educational and charitable efforts to support third-party organized educational events for health care professionals, patients and the general public. These funds may be requested by eligible organizations to support participation in third party educational programs, cover reasonable compensation for faculty, travel, lodging, meal expenses, or educational materials related to the event.


To be eligible, requests must be directed to support training and education for healthcare providers or patients related to renal denervation, hypertension, or ultra-sound nerve ablation therapy. All grant requests must be submitted by an authorized representative of an eligible organization. Recor will not accept grant requests from, nor make direct payments to, any individual healthcare provider. For continuing education programs, payment will be made to the accredited body unless otherwise specified in writing.


Recor’s Grant Review Committee will evaluate the request for merit and alignment with corporate and educational interests. Please fill out the “Grants Request” form with details.

Submit an ISR or Grant Request: 

  1. CLICK:
  2. SELECT: SIGN UP NOW” to create a Requestor Account OR enter your existing email and password if you already have a Requestor Account.
  3. SELECT, COMPLETE, AND SUBMIT: The Applicable Form for your Grant or ISR Request. 

Submission of an ISR or Educational Grant request does not guarantee approval or support for the entire amount requested (or any portion thereof). All approved ISR or Grant requests must be documented in a fully-executed, written agreement before any award is due and payable.


No award is determined or influenced by the volume or value of any business that could be potentially generated by the requester. The requester is not obligated to purchase, use, recommend, or arrange for the use of any product or service of Recor. 


No. Consistent with the AdvaMed, MedTech and other applicable Codes of Ethics and Recor policy, our sales representatives may not prepare or submit ISR or grant applications on behalf of current or prospective customers. Recor sales representatives may direct applicants to the information available at the company website. This reflects Recor’s commitment to the applicable Code of Ethics, and the practical reality that our sales representatives will not have all of the required information and documents.

Provided Recor has the requested resources available to support the proposed ISR study, Recor will further review an ISR proposal with regards to the following criteria:

  • The research aligns with Recor’s strategic interests with regards to technology and therapeutic area.
  • The research is ethical and based on sound scientific design and methodology.  
  • The Investigator-Sponsor is qualified and experienced to conduct the proposed research.
  • The Investigator-Sponsor has not been restricted from participation in clinical investigations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or other regulatory authorities, as applicable.
  • The Investigator-Sponsor and/or Institution has the resources available to successfully execute the study, including meeting all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • The proposed budget is detailed and is based on services being performed and acceptable study milestones. Note: The Investigator-Sponsor should provide the necessary justification to demonstrate the budget represents fair market value for the services being performed.

The Recor ISR Review Committee or Grants Review Committee reviews and makes the decision for all ISR and Grant applications, respectively. The Committee consists of representatives from various departments including Scientific Affairs, Finance, Medical Affairs, Regulatory, and Legal.

If there is an opportunity to sponsor a table, booth, exhibit or other advertising space with Recor logos and/or  marketing materials, this commercial sponsorship opportunity should be separately submitted to